vendredi 10 novembre 2017

A small warband of my goblins are on kickstarter, and they have a troll with them!
sculpted for Aenor Miniatures in beesputty

Une petite bande de mes gobelins sont sur kickstarter, et ils ont un troll avec eux!
sculptés pour Aenor Miniatures, en beesputty

2 commentaires:

  1. Does the troll come with a separate right hand? Personally I don't like the club it looks too large; but a fist or open hand would be more useful to me personally.
    The rest of the miniatures look great and would make an effective skirmish warband.

  2. the hand with club is separate, but there is no plan for an alernate one at the moment. I've slightly changed the club though. And hopefully another(s) troll(s) could be unlocked before the end of the KS?